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We will arrive in 45 minutes or less to take care of your highway tow.

With the multitude of highways here in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, it is a safe bet that if you find yourself with a disabled vehicle, it is likely to need a highway tow to get it to an automotive shop for repairs. At AC Towing, our towing services are available around the clock because we know that a breakdown or accident can happen at any hour. We also know that time is of the essence when you are on the side of a busy highway, so we have a timeliness guarantee that we will arrive on the scene in 45 minutes or less to take care of your highway tow.

Highway Tow in Charlotte, North Carolina

Not all situations require a highway tow. If you have a flat tire or a dead battery, for example, those issues can often be resolved in place. Our roadside assistance policy is designed to save you money and get you back on the highway as soon as possible. Should your car, truck, or SUV require more than our roadside assistance team can do, we’ll ask you where you would like your vehicle towed to and take care of it from there.

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We are passionate about vehicles in general. In fact, we enjoy restoring cars because we love making them look and feel great again. You can rest assured that we’ll use the same care and attention when we perform your highway tow. Your vehicle is in the best of hands to get the treatment that it deserves. Contact us with any questions you might have or if you need a highway tow for wreck removal or due to a mechanical breakdown.

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