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We use a durable and safe tow truck that can haul all types of passenger vehicles.

The design of the first tow truck is credited to Ferdinand Porsche, who designed an artillery tractor for the Austro-Hungarian army more than a century ago. One of the tractors in this batch featured a winch on its rear platform, designed as a recovery vehicle that could drag one of the others if needed. A few years later, a garage worker in Chattanooga, Tennessee designed a different style of tow truck. The design came out of a need after he had to use ropes, blocks, and six men to remove a vehicle from a wreck. Some of his work is still on display in a museum, and drivers rely on these creations every day when their vehicles can’t be driven safely.

Tow Truck in Harrisburg, North Carolina

At AC Towing, we focus on providing towing services to vehicle owners located in and near Harrisburg, North Carolina. Our company’s founder has had a passion for vehicles throughout his lifetime, and he enjoys applying his knowledge and skills to safely tow cars, trucks, and SUVs that are undriveable. We use a durable and safe tow truck that can haul all types of passenger vehicles. Our drivers have undergone training in the proper towing methods to ensure the safety of the vehicles that are in our care.

Our Towing Services

You might need towing services if your vehicle has sustained damage in a wreck or won’t start, leaving you stranded. No matter what type of issue you’re dealing with, you can count on our tow truck and driver to arrive quickly and get your vehicle moved to a safe location.

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